Towers, Teamwork, and New Teachers!

September means our Fall Program is back in session, so let’s take a look at how the students kicked off the school year and what’s to come!

New Teachers!

On September 9th, Heart House hosted “Meet the Teacher Night” where students and their parents met the teacher for the school year and visited the classroom. Moe was so excited to take his parents around the classroom, showing them all his favorite things on his check list! Keep reading to meet the new teachers!

H3: Head, Heart, and Hands

Each of the classrooms create lessons based on the H3 program.

Head – Homework help and STEAM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)
Heart – Social emotional learning (SEL) activities to develop lifelong characteristics, such as resilience, self awareness, persistence, and curiosity.
Hands – Project-based and experiential learning opportunities, such as Career Day.

Thanks to you the school year is off to a great start!


Wildflower (K-2nd)

At Wildflower, each student was given 6 cups and 6 notecards with the instructions: build a tall tower! A simple engineering lesson. Pictured on the left, Mang made a tower with his cups and notecards, but it wasn’t that tall. Pictured on the right, Abriana and Frances were the first to realize if they combined their resources they could make an even taller tower!

After the students realized that teamwork could help them make a GIANT tower, they did exactly that! It’s taller than Iris, even when she jumps as high as she can! So the students also learned collaboration and persistence which is the SEL aspect of the lesson. Team work makes the dreamwork!

Park Lane (3rd-4th)

At Park Lane, the students learned about the how equal is not always fair. Each student was assigned an injury or illness, from a stomach ache to a burn, and then students all received a Band-Aid to help remedy their pain. However, a Band-Aid for all students, while equal, is not fair because a Band-Aid will only help certain students while others need other types of treatment.

Remember the new program mentioned in the last newsletter? Well it launched this month and the students could not be more excited! You can learn more about the new program and the first unit below and on Facebook and Instagram!

Project X

This program is special for the Pineland site so 5th through 8th graders can have a safe space to experience, explore, and excel.

Experience – Students will participate in unique and exciting projects that challenge them to think creatively, work as a team, solve real problems, and make a positive impact.
Explore – Students will realize one’s own talents, interests, and the world around them. They will meet new friends, learn modern skills, and discover possibilities for their future.
Excel – Students will excel as mindful, curious, and inquisitive individuals in a safe, supportive space that encourages and fosters growth.

Pineland (5th-8th)

Project X’s photography unit has officially begun! The students are learning about the history and technology development of photography by testing real cameras that date back all the way to the 1800s. Next they will experience taking their own pictures around their community to create a story to showcase at the photography exhibition.

Meet the New Teachers

Ms. Rood – Wildflower (K-2nd)

Before coming to Heart House, Ms. Rood was an elementary school teacher for 7 years. She attended Utah State University and received her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with an English as a Second Language endorsement. In her spare time, Ms. Rood loves to play video games with her husband Dylan and snuggling with her two cats. She also enjoys traveling, baking, going for walks, and gardening.

Ms. Manju – Park Lane (2nd-4th)

Ms. Manju graduated from the University of Texas, Austin with a B.A. in Linguistics as well as a B.A. in Iberian and Latin American Languages and Cultures. Outside of Heart House, Ms. Manju enjoys attending local music concerts, exploring different cuisines, learning new languages, and spending time outside with her dog, Frida.

Ms. Hannah – Pineland (5th-8th)

Ms. Hannah taught 6th grade English for two years and K-12th grade reading classes during the summer. She graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a B.A. in English, and went to Relay Graduate School of Education to earn a M.S. in Teaching. In her free time, Ms. Hannah loves taking care of her animals, being with friends and family, reading, and playing video games.

In case you missed it, North Texas Giving Day was a SUCCESS!!! With your generosity and the gifts of a few offline donors, you raised more than any other North Texas Giving Day for Heart House! There was originally a $25,000 goal, that included a $12,500 match, but you helped Heart House reach a total of $35, 556!!!

Things to look forward to in October are the Fun with Pumpkins extravaganza, photography exhibition, and the launch of the author Eric Carle in depth study by Wildflower and Park Lane.

Just in case you missed North Texas Giving Day you can still contribute directly to support the students!


Go Team Heart House!

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