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Comprehensive afterschool programming

At Heart House, we believe every child deserves the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe environment where self-expression, creativity, and diversity are celebrated. For more than twenty years, Heart House has been that safe space for numerous children in the Vickery Meadow neighborhood.

The majority of students at Heart House are first- or second-generation refugees and immigrants. The challenges that come with resettlement into a new country are immense; while parents focus their energy on building a new life in the Vickery Meadow neighborhood, we are honored to play a small part in the lives of their children, who not only participate in our programming but actively shape and improve it.

Heart House incorporates students’ unique interests, talents, and specific needs into a holistic educational model where academic learning takes place alongside Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). We are committed to providing this holistic educational experience for students, because Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is equally essential to the healthy development of children as academic learning. When students are able to build meaningful friendships and gain a new understanding of their emotions and its effects on others, they are in a better position to succeed academically. Additionally, when students excel academically, a newfound confidence and belief in themselves facilitates their social emotional development. These twofold processes inform programming at Heart House, and that is what makes Heart House unique.

What You Support

Proprietary Curriculum

Head, Heart, Hands Program (H3)

Heart House provides a safe place where students can come to study after school and in the summer. We use the five guiding principles of trauma informed care—safety, choice, collaboration, trustworthiness and empowerment—as foundations for our Head, Heart, and Hands (H3) program. Learn more about this model below.

Meeting the academic needs of students through homework tutoring, literacy support, and structured STEAM learning activities.

Meeting social-emotional learning (SEL) needs through meaningful SEL curricula, on-staff counseling services, and a cultivated culture of safety, trust, and empathy.

Providing experiential learning opportunities such as Project X and field trips, and teaching students the value of giving back through service-learning projects.

The Head, Heart, Hands program utilizes social emotional learning to improve academic performance and mental health.

Interested to know about what a general day at Heart House consists of? Download “Heart House Program Flow Chart” to learn more.


Who you support

Heart House serves students from K-8th grade, with class groupings of K-2nd, 3rd-4th and 5th-8th. Though each class partakes in activities unique to their interest and grade level, classes also collaborate on projects regularly and students build friendships across age groups. While students may come from reduced circumstances, every cohort has three things in common: 1) the representation of 10+ languages and dialects, 2) untethered curiosity and a love for learning, and 3) an extreme obsession with the latest Disney movie.

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