That’s a wrap!

~ What an eventful last month of school year programming! See ya in the summer! ~


Lemonade Day 🍋
And that’s a wrap! Thank you to everyone who came out to support the students and their business venture. Selling cold lemonade in 90-degree heat turned out to be a huge success haha! Special thanks to Hello! Deluxe Carwash on Laramanda and Skillman for hosting this event and allowing the students to set up their lemonade stands right at the carwash exit. And thank you to the Dallas Mavericks for coming out and supporting the students. Customers LOVED receiving Mavs swag with their purchase!


After the event, Park Lane (3rd-4th) and Pineland (5th-8th) students had the chance to decide how to spend their money. A portion of each class’s profits was used to help a charity of their choice! Pineland students decided to contribute towards their Homeless Welcome Baskets by purchasing supplies. Overall, the students had tons of fun while also learning about the basics of creating and operating a business. 🙂

Project X: Homelessness Unit

As part of Pineland’s final Project X chapter for the school year, students decided to put together welcome baskets for the formerly homeless. The bridge Homeless Recovery Center provides the graduates of its program with welcome baskets that have all of the essential household goods necessary to start a new life. The students set a goal of creating 12 baskets to donate to the Center.

The project was a success! A huge thank you to Mr. Cooper volunteers for purchasing tons of supplies and helping the students bring the project to life. And thank you to anyone who purchased an item from the Amazon Wish List. The students loved being active agents of change, learning about the issue of homelessness while also thinking of ways to help address it.

Congratulations, William!! 🎉

A big congratulations to William, Pineland (5th-8th) student, for receiving the “Student of the Year” award at Hotchkiss Elementary School. The Heart House family is so proud of your accomplishment!

Fun in the Sun! ☀️

And just like that, Heart House concludes another successful school year! On the last day, students played water games in the heat and enjoyed donuts to celebrate the end of programming. Thank you for tagging along and seeing all the amazing activities and events the students participated in this school year! 🙂

See you in the summer!

Your generosity made this school year an amazing one for the students of Heart House. Please consider a gift today to continue impacting the lives of the students during summer programming!

Thank you!

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