Pumpkins, Projects and Photos

Let’s take a peek into some of the projects the students did this month! From an Eric Carle author study, a project based learning collaboration between Wildflower and Park Lane, to a week of pumpkins to celebrate the end of October to Pineland’s own photography show, the students expressed their creativity while enjoying hands on learning.

Eric Carle Collaboration

The Wildflower (K-2nd) and Park Lane (3rd & 4th) students came together to learn more in-depth about author and illustrator Eric Carle. Weekly the 3rd & 4th graders were “reading buddies” with the K to 2nd graders, exploring Carle’s body of work. The students even made their own stories and illustrations using tissue paper, just like Carle! Check out one of the group’s studies below.


Learning & Fun with Pumpkins

Wildflower learned that cleaning out “pumpkin guts” is messy – ha! The students also learned how to count by groupings of 10, how to find an average, and calculate the grand total: 2,541 seeds in 5 pumpkins! They even enjoyed roasting pumpkin seeds.

Park Lane and Pineland students enjoyed decorating the pumpkins, and making pumpkin slime! Special thank you to Richemont North America for underwriting Heart House’s Fun with Pumpkins week and providing volunteers!

Project X Photography Exhibit

Project X concluded the Photography unit with a Pineland Photography Show. The Pineland (5th-8th) students displayed their photos to the Wildflower and Park Lane students, including sharing the description of each picture, and the overall story the photos told.

Click here to watch a video of all of the students’ pictures!

Presenting: October’s Classroom Projects

Wildflower (K-2nd)

Last week, the Wildflower students learned about composting with the help of their little friends: worms. After learning about the process of composting, they went to the Growing Gardens flower beds and used some of the nutrient soil to observe and record decomposition.

Park Lane (3rd-4th)

In Park Lane, the students created an artistic model of a building that they would like to live in. However, they had to use certain geometric shapes including trapezoids, rhombi, and semicircles. This project made geometry fun, and provided students the opportunity to learn how it applies to the real world!

Pineland (5th-8th)
Starting this month, the Pineland students are in for a wild ride… literally. For their next project based learning unit, students are building their own theme park! This is only possible thanks to assistance of Cody Martin and Jennifer Schaefer from Six Flags! The students are learning how to design, build, operate, and market a theme park.

You won’t want to miss next month’s newsletter as we are up to all kinds of fun in November! A few students will have a Love and Lead on site where they bake and cook with their site teachers. Our friends and program partners at Spark STEM and Bruce Wood Dance will be visiting our K-4th sites, and Pineland will be going to Six Flags Over Texas to conclude their Build a Theme Park project!

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