Moms, Mangos and Many Thanks

Let’s take a look at everything that happened during May and what’s to come during June.

“Hands on”, project-based learning was the focus of a couple of April happenings. The students explored different professions from Chef to Hairstylist and more at Career Day. And after Winter Storm Uri decimated the winter garden a new spring “Growing Garden” has been planted. Speaking of support, special thanks to partners Who is Hussain? and CST for all their support these past two semesters! Read for more details!


Career Day

Despite lots of rainy May days, Heart House students celebrated their mothers, made mango salsa, and enjoyed new mulch!

Moms are awesome!

All classes created special cards and crafts for their moms, talking about the many things a mom does every day from going to work, creating a safe home, and teaching us to be kind.

Magnificent Mangos!

The culmination of learning about the plant cycle and growing your own food is the chance to eat some of it!  K to 2nd graders in the Wildflower classroom celebrate their hard work in the garden this year by having their Feast of Sharing! Students chopped tomatoes, peppers, and other veggies from their garden to add to purchased mangos, resulting in delicious mango salsa. The students loved enjoying the “veggies of their labor.”

Many thanks to more partners!

Thanks Teatro Dallas!

Since March, Teatro Dallas has come weekly to teach theater basics to the 3rd to 5th graders. Everything from character development and script writing to blocking and costuming. The students love Mr. Omar and his energy. Thank you so much Teatro!

Refreshed Playground!

Special thank you to the Ambrose Group for donating 125 bags of mulch to the Heart House playground. This intrepid group was able, – during a rare dry day!, – to spread it across the playground to ensure student safety and fun.

Parent Open House

Each classroom prepared displays of the semesters H3 work to share with their parents.

Head – Homework help and STEAM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)
Heart – Social emotional learning (SEL) activities to develop lifelong characteristics, such as resilience, self awareness, persistence, and curiosity.
Hands – Project-based and experiential learning opportunities, such as Career Day and Growing Gardens this month.
Check out the fun Open House photos of students sharing with their loved ones!

Things to look forward to in June:
Start of the summer program, trip to Frontiers of Flight, and a report on the strengths and growth of students.

If you’re interested in volunteering during the summer at the special reading program, click here.

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Thank you!

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We are so excited for summer programming, which begins on Monday, June 21st. This summer’s theme is “Exploration” beginning with learning about the Galaxy – we can’t wait to blast off!

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