Lenita Dunlap, CEO, Selected to Take Part in the 2018 Dallas Public Voices Greenhouse Participants Cohort

Public Voices is a bold national initiative to dramatically increase the public impact of our nation’s top and most diverse thinkers. Launched by The OpEd Project, the initiative is designed as a radical experiment around knowledge, meaning and what it takes to become influential on a large scale. In addition to The Boone Family Foundation, which launched its inaugural Public Voices Greenhouse in 2015, more than a dozen leading foundations and universities including Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Texas Woman’s University, Northwestern and The Ford Foundation have launched Voices programs. Thus, participants completing the three-month Dallas Greenhouse will join a prestigious network of Public Voices alumni and alumnae, allowing for knowledge sharing and innovation across disciplines and institutions, and making this one of the most powerful networks for public impact in the nation.

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