Happy January

Let’s take a look at how Heart House kicked off the new year!

Welcome Back!

The start of a new semester means that Heart House is back in session! We’re excited to have welcomed students back with open arms and a plan to make this semester an amazing one — filled with joy and learning (and recess, of course!)

Collaborative Mural Project

This month, students from all three classes are working on a mural project where each student decorated a few pieces of a larger puzzle with images of their favorite things about Heart House. Students also created self-portraits to be arranged around the mural. Looks like Mudaser secret identity of being Spider-Man has been revealed!

The students had fun adding their creations to this artwork. Tune in next month to see the finished product!

First Love & Lead of the Year

Love & Lead is a chance for teachers to spend extra time with a small number of students from their class. This month, a few students from Wildflower (K-2nd) and Park Lane (3rd-4th) watched Encanto at Heart House. Of course movie time isn’t complete without pizza and a pillow fort!


The amazing students at STEMPower raised $500 for Heart House—they even created their own display check! We are deeply grateful for the support of these young leaders and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Two new member added to the Heart House team!

Tracy Nguyen

Tracy is our newest AmeriCorps member, providing support mainly for our Pineland class (5th-8th). She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.S in Biochemistry. Tracy is excited to continue getting to know the kids and providing a safe space for them outside of school.

Rooha Haghar

Rooha is our new Program & Operations Coordinator. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.A in International Relations and Global Studies. Rooha is excited to support the team in giving our students the best experience at Heart House.


That is all for this month! Hope you’re all staying healthy and warm!

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