From the students to you! Happy Valentines Day!

Heart House has hit the ground running in 2021! After a nice winter break everyone is back to school and enjoying time in their Heart House class.

Featured below is a photo from a recent lesson on “what I love about myself.” Ruth is blowing herself kisses! Each “kiss” is one thing Ruth loves about herself – and isn’t it important to love yourself before you can love others?!

Another recent lesson was on “mindful tasting and smelling.” How many times has one of your children said “YUCK” to something without even trying it?! Each child had a plate with carrots prepared four ways: raw, baked, steamed, and in a muffin. They experienced each one, mindfully tasting and smelling and then shared: tasted like dirt, it was hard, smelled sweet, reminded me of French fries and so on. The chart in the photo below are all the comments. The lesson was to be mindful before you make a judgement – something we can all appreciate and learn from.

Head, Heart, & Hands Program

With a new year and fresh start to the year, here’s a little reminder of the Head Heart Hands (H3) program that you support:

Head – Homework help and STEAM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)

Heart – Social emotional learning (SEL) activities to develop lifelong characteristics, such as resilience, self awareness, persistence, and curiosity.

Hands – Project-based and experiential learning opportunities, such as Lemonade Day from Fall 2020.

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