Fall and the Festival of Lights


Our Second Annual Diwali Celebration


A HUGE  thank you to Mr. Cooper for hosting our second annual Diwali celebration! With the help of their Asians in Motion Team, students got to create their own paper lanterns, draw their own mandala designs, and enjoy some traditional festival sweets! Students loved creating their own designs and learning about the history of Diwali.

Some of our K-2nd grade students with the AMAZING volunteers from Mr. Coopers!

Ms. Mojgan’s Class: Learning About Leaves

Now that the hot weather of summer as finally come to an end, Ms. Mojgan’s class was ready to learn about fall! Students investigated how our environment changes with the weather. Students used their knowledge of warm and cool colors to paint trees with reds, yellows, and oranges – just the way the trees should look in November!

Three of our 3rd grade students enjoying some of the last sunny days of the year.

Thank you to the NCL for providing school supplies for our students!

Thanks to Carey Hurst and her team at the National Charity League, Heart House was able to provide each of our students with a bag full of supplies! Our friends at the NCL worked hard to provide everything our students need to be successful at school; from pencils and crayons to headphones and motivational messages!

Upcoming Events

Park Village Holiday
Tree Celebration
December 3rd – 31st, 2022

Our students and teachers are working together to decorate a tree that represents Heart House. Come see our tree at Southlake Park Village to vote for Heart House! The winning non profit will receive $1,000 from Southlake Park Village. More details to come via social media about which front will host our tree!

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