Dallas Afterschool Certifies Heart House Sites

Heart House Program certified by Dallas Afterschool
Northwest Community Program teacher, Jacquiline with students in the Rafiki classroom.

As of July 2019 all of the Heart House sites are Dallas Afterschool Certified.

Dallas Afterschool (DAS) is the pre-eminent leader and change agent for the after-school movement within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. All Heart House sites that have been submitted for Dallas Afterschool Certification have been approved and awarded certification.

“Having all the Heart House sites Certified by Dallas Afterschool means that they acknowledge our commitment to quality. It’s definitely difficult to accomplish when you have such a diverse demographic and yet we are incredibly humbled and honored,” says Heart House CEO Lenita Dunlap. “We appreciate the ongoing support of Dallas Afterschool. This certification means so much to the Heart House family. We are continually committed to excellence and appreciate their seal of approval.”

The Heart House staff accepts the Dallas Afterschool Certification Award

Ms. Dunlap also expresses her gratitude of Lexie Gergis, Heart House Director of Research and Evaluation and Lindsey Senn, Heart House’s Site Coordinator at Northwest Community Center.

“I am so proud of the team at NCC for their hard work this year, ensuring that the first year of Heart House programming at the Northwest Community Center was implemented with care and quality” said Gergis.

Our mission at Heart House is to use education as a catalyst to combat poverty and promote equity for the most vulnerable in our city: refugee children. Heart House serves 240 children annually, through a holistic mental and behavioral health model to increase academic performance, improve mental health and establish a pathway to success in school and in life for each child. For more about Heart House visit hearthousedallas.org.


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