Picnics, Presentations and Planting!

~ A warm Happy Spring from your friends at Heart House ~


MAVS Field Trip

This month, Pineland students (5th-8th) had the opportunity to watch the Dallas Mavs play as part of their new Project X unit: learning about sport management. In the week leading up to the game, students researched the different aspects of running a sports team, like revenue, player salaries, advertisement, etc. The students had so much fun watching it all play out in real time at the American Airlines Center!

Spring Break Love & Leads

Spring break is a great opportunity for students to spend quality time with their teachers on Love & Lead trips. This spring break, Heart House hosted a variety of Love & Leads, allowing a smaller group of students to engage in exciting activities, build new friendships and strengthen their relationships with site teachers. The students had so much fun flying kites, jumping on trampolines and playing arcade games!

Community Project Presentations

With their community projects all completed, Park Lane (3rd-4th) and Wildflower (K-2nd) students were excited to showcase their work! This month, students presented their projects to other students and visitors! They had so much fun explaining what they built and why. Many thanks to Councilwoman Gay Donnell Willis for stopping by to see the students’ projects!

Growing Gardens

With the onset of Spring, weather conditions are perfect for Wildflower (K-2nd) students to learn about the life cycle of plants. After a few lessons on seeds and what plants need to grow, Wildflower students planted vegetables in their garden beds with the help of Emmett J. Conrad High School teacher, Ms. Mona. Stay tuned to see how the garden grows!

Many thanks to Highland Park United Methodist Church volunteers for purchasing soil and seeds for the garden and preparing the beds for planting!

Thank You, Midtown Improvement District!

A huge thank you to Midtown Improvement District for funding the sport unit of Project X. From researching sport data and creating charts to seeing a Mavs game live, Pineland students (5th-8th) learned a lot during this unit, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you!

We felt your love this month! Special thanks to:

Food Accommodations

In honoring different religions and cultures, Heart House has made the decision to purchase additional food items to fully accommodate students with different religious dietary needs. In the past, HH provided granola bars to those students, but we are looking to provide a more nutritious alternative moving forward. Help us make this change by donating towards this cause. $125 can provide a month’s worth of food for students with special dietary needs.

Heart House’s 2021 Annual Report is out now!
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Annual Report 2021

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