Bunny, Business, and Bubbles!

~ Hope your April was filled with sweets and laughter ~


Lemonade Recipe Creation 🍋

In preparation for Shark Tank day, Pineland (5th-8th) and Park Lane (3rd-4th) students perfected their product — lemonade!! Students picked from a variety of fruits and sweeteners to create a few lemonade recipes that are tasty, fun and innovative. The pink lemonade powder and watermelon were hits! Students wrote their favorite recipes down to recreate on Shark Tank day and Lemonade Day on May 7th!


Tie-Dye 🎨

In preparation for their SMU field trip, students had a chance to make tie-dye shirts with the help of SMU volunteers. The students had so much fun mixing colors and playing with patterns. Thank you, Engage Dallas, for coming out and making this day so fun for the students!

Easter Bunny Visit 🐰

A very special thank you to Terry Bax, family and friends for donating and coming out to help the students decorate cookies and color eggs! The students had so much fun, especially when the Easter bunny magically showed up to give out gift baskets to the students! There might have been some speculation about whether the bunny was real or not haha.


Shark Tank: Heart House Style 🦈

In order to secure funding for their lemonade stands, Park Lane (3rd-4th) and Pineland (5th-8th) students participated in a Business Pitch event sponsored by the Dallas Mavericks and S2 Capital. The students did an amazing job describing their business plans, logos, recipes, pricing and expected profits! Groups even had samples of their products for the judges to taste!

A special thanks to the judges for attending and making the event so special: Dallas Mavericks CEO Cynt Marshall, S2 Capital CEO Scott Everett, former Heart House employee Jenna Camp, and Mavs ManiAAC One Love. The winning group from each class will be selling lemonade on May 7th! Be on the lookout for location and hour information and come out and support the students!

The Garden is Growing!! 🌱

The Wildflower garden is thriving! Wildflower students (K-2nd) have been diligently watering the plants and watching them grow over the last month. There are already a few tomatoes growing on the plants! 🍅 A huge thank you to Whole Kids Foundation for making this Growing Gardens project possible. The students are so excited to harvest their vegetables and herbs next month!


SMU Field Trip 🐎

This month, all Heart House students participated in a field day at SMU. The day started with some delicious lunch. The students then had the chance to paint, plant flowers, learn to play the drums, play with bubbles, dance and even take a tour of some really awesome buildings at the University! Special thanks to Engage Dallas for putting this event together. The students—though at first concerned that they’re “too young for college”—ended up having a blast!

Heart House was on Texas Today!

Click to Watch the Segment

Help Pineland Students Make Welcome Baskets for the Homeless

Pineland’s final Project X unit centers around helping the homeless population. The students have decided to create welcome baskets for homeless individuals entering the Bridge Homeless Recovery Center. Help their efforts by purchasing items off of their Amazon Wishlist or donating towards the cause. Please note in the “custom message” section that your donation is for “Welcome Baskets for the Homeless.” Thank you!

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