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Education as a catalyst

We serve some of the most vulnerable in our community: refugee children. Most have experienced trauma beyond their years, coming from war-torn or poverty-stricken lands. At Heart House, we provide a safe place where these students can come to study after school and in the summer. Our holistic mental and behavioral health model meets kids where they are, taking into account their background and current emotional state. This social emotional learning approach has been proven to increase academic performance, improve mental health, and establish a pathway to success for each child—in school and in life.


Head, Heart, Hands program

The Head, Heart, Hands program or “H3” employs a comprehensive approach to deliver meaningful results. Social-emotional learning (SEL) is a core part of the strategy to ensure the holistic healing and growth of each individual child. Physical and academic health is developed simultaneously through customized educational and therapeutic experiences for students. 

The Head, Heart, Hands program utilizes social emotional learning to improve academic performance and mental health.

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