Celebrating World Refugee Month June 2019

Join Heart House as we celebrate the richness of diversity and cultures of our students and families in Vickery Meadow.

June 20th is celebrated around the world and commemorates the strength, courage and resilience of millions of refugees.

World Refugee Day honors the strength and courage of refugees and encourages public awareness and support of refugees, people who have had to flee their home and have made Dallas their new home.

Heart House is joining forces with hundreds of organizations across the globe to honor this day by celebrating local refugee children and their stories during the month of June.

Why We’re Celebrating World Refugee Month

Iman’s story

A Student’s Journey from Chaos to Calm

Iman is an example of the depth of trauma that is seen daily at Heart House. Every day, when she arrived after school, she was despondent and disengaged, hungry and afraid. When staff tried to connect with her, she would run to a corner of the room and not speak. But when she started one-on-one play therapy twice a week, she slowly opened up. Toys were her outlet, and she would tell stories through her favorite doll. The doll had lost her dad, home and all she knew. Moving to the States was scary and extremely difficult.

Though her family loves her very much, the big city, with its loud cars, new school, unfamiliar faces and strange sounds, was daunting. Iman’s stories had been vivid, because they are true. Through play therapy at Heart House, Iman found a voice to share her story.

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