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Click to Listen to Heart House CEO Lenita Dunlap’s interview with Better Living which aired on The CBS Radio Dallas Public Affairs Show. Better Living with Nick Carissimi, a show about the people and organization that make a impact in the Dallas area.













Exciting News! Our students at Stratford Hill have a new playground. The Vickery Meadow community is a large diverse apartment based community with a lack of playspace for the children.


stratford hill students


Heart House provides such a space to keep children safe and further our mission of providing safety, education and opportunity for our students.





Heart House’s CEO Lenita Dunlap says she’s touched by the interest in this neighborhood.









“It says that you took the time and that you value me. So our hope and goal is that the kids realize that they’re valued,” she said. “We want you to grow in a good space, and that no matter where you came from or the environment where you live, you too deserve the same access to the same things that other kids have.”
Heart House CEO Lenita Dunlap


Check out more in the KERA News Article about the new playground  “Monkey Bars and Slides, Oh My! Vickery Meadow Kids Celebrate New Playground




Here’s What Nonprofits Would Like The Next Dallas Superintendent To Address


disd-administration-buildingAs Dallas continues the search for its next school superintendent, some non-profits and outside organizations are watching closely. These groups work to bridge educational, economic and social gaps in the district.


A few leaders spoke about what they’d like to see in the next leader of Dallas ISD. Check out the advice our CEO Lenita Dunlap and other leaders in the Kera Nonprofit News

“They have truncated educations, some education in different refugee camps. And so if they’re age 10, they’re automatically put into the fifth grade even though their reading levels are only on the first grade or the second grade,” Dunlap said. “Come sit with the families, come learn what’s going on here in Vickery Meadow. Understand that 8,000 people are coming to our state alone, into this area, and                                                                       we need to prepare the teachers to adequately serve a diverse population.”