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Administration Office

Mailing Address

Heart House Dallas
PO Box 823162
Dallas, TX 75382-3162

Physical Address

8515 Park Lane, #302
Dallas, Texas 75231
(214) 750-7637

Step-by-Step Directions to Heart House Administration Office

1. Take Park Lane past the NorthPark Center Shopping Mall towards Greenville Avenue. Continue on Park Lane past the intersection of Park Lane and Greenville Avenue. Once you have passed this intersection, continue on Park Lane until you reach a stoplight at the intersection of Park Lane and Pineland Drive, which is pictured below. Make a left turn onto Pineland Drive.

2. Once you turn onto Pineland Drive, you will drive past two apartment complexes with turnoffs on the left side of the street. These are marked “The Woods” and “Woodglen” (Pictured below). Please note that neither of these complexes will give you access to Heart House – do not attempt to enter through these gates.

100_2823 100_2827






3. Shortly after you have passed these two signs, you will see that you are approaching another turnoff, also on the left side of the street (Pictured below). Turn left here, and drive through the gate. You will encounter a series of yellow speed bumps as you approach the gate.


4. Continue driving straight once you have entered through the gate. The road will soon curve to the left – continue following it. As you continue driving, you will begin to approach an exit gate (pictured below) at the end of the lot. Immediately prior to hitting the gate, you will turn right into a large parking lot.


5. Once you enter the parking lot, park your car in any spot marked RESIDENT or VISITOR. Next, walk toward the end of the parking lot and take the path on the left side. Walk straight until you reach a playground (pictured below).


6. 100_2840Walk until you reach the building at the end of the playground. Make a left turn, and you will see that the apartment nearest you is marked with a sign reading “Heart House” (pictured at right). The Administration Office¬†will be apartment 302. You have now arrived at the Heart House Wildflower Site. If you are unable to locate, you can reach a staff member at (214)-750-7637.



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