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The idea for Heart House was conceived by founders Suzanne Kiefer and Anna Land, while volunteering in the Vickery Meadow community in the late 1990’s. They recognized a significant need for a program to help the children, living in this difficult neighborhood, who often did not have a parent at home after school, or a safe place to study and continue learning. They created Heart House to fill this void by providing a safe haven and academic programs where children would be encouraged to grow, to meet their potential and fulfill their dreams.

Heart House is blessed with a skilled and dedicated staff, a talented and determined board, and caring and committed volunteers. They serve because they see the potential in the students and understand the importance of creating a safe environment, educational enrichment, and opportunity for children to explore the world. They do it as if the children of Heart House are their own.

Chief Executive Officer

What do you do for a child who has to learn a new language, a new culture, and a new way of life? I face this challenge every day as the executive director of this organization, and believe me: there are no easy answers. Each child comes to us with a unique level of knowledge, from a unique part of the world, with a unique set of gifts. In response, we treat them just as they are: unique, gifted, and precious. Although our program takes lots of individualized effort, time, and resources, we know that the energy we pour into these children will bear good fruit in the years to come. They will go on to become model American citizens, or will return to their home countries with fond memories of life in the United States. Regardless of the outcome, we know it’s worth it.

We’re a local nonprofit with a global reach. Won’t you join us?


Lenita Dunlap, MPA, MA

Board of Directors

Lisa Armstrong 

Jessica Bass Bolander

Amanda Cecil
US Trust

Chris Davis
Sloan Wealth Management

Lydia Epps
Leadership Coach and Consultant

Shushan Keflay
Austin Bridge & Road

Hollis Langdoc
Civic Volunteer

S. Todd Leveridge
Lockton Dunning Benefit Company

Richard Mills 
President Elect
Austin Bridge & Road

Angelique Sweeney
BSC Professional Services

Meet The Team:


Lenita Dunlap MPA, MA – Chief Executive Officer

Soudary Kittivong-Greenbaum MPS  – Director, External Relations

Alissa Windle MA – Director of Program and Operations

Dominique Pettway – Program Manager

Heather Bolstridge – Program Specialist

Christina Park – Program Teacher/Specialist

Zulena Delgado – Program Teacher

Emerald Dillard – Program Teacher

Joshua Dela Cruz – Program Teacher

Sierra Sowels – Program Teacher

Heaven Tesfahiwet – Program Teacher

Kaleigh Gallant – Program Teacher

Our Partners

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