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About Us

Heart House’s innovative afterschool program is designed for school-age children in neighborhoods known for high crime and unemployment rates.  Across Dallas there is a lack of affordable, quality after school care for children. At Heart House, children have access to caring mentors, homework assistance, health & safety education, and literacy programs.

A Typical Day at Heart House:

  • We begin with a free meal generously donated by CitySquare for every child in the program.  We eat as a whole site so we can practice our language and communication skills.
  • We split into smaller groups of 15 and go with our Program Leaders to our classrooms.
  • We greet each other and our Program Leader, look at our schedule, choose our “menu items” and get out our homework.
  • Our Program Leaders remind us what to do when we are finished with our homework, and then they help us get started.
  • We work on our homework by ourselves, with a friend, with a volunteer, or with our Program Leader.
  • When we are finished with our homework, we go outside to play for a little while.
  • We come back in and begin learning about our theme during program.  Sometimes we read books, play games, or create art.  We always learn and have fun!
  • When it is time to go home, we all get together again, say good-bye to our Program Leader and leave!

Heart House Success:

Heart House improves kids’ achievement at school.

  • 96% of parents believe their children are doing better academically because Heart House offers homework hour and reading time every day.
  • Teachers agree, and report that 81% of Heart House children have shown an improvement in quality and frequency of homework turned in.

Qualities of a Good Program: 

According to the Dallas After School Network, there are many different kinds of after school programs – arts, recreation, academic and faith based – but the best offer fun and a positive learning environment. The following are some indicators of quality programs:

  • The program develops your child’s social skills
  • Teaches your child to respect differences and cultural diversity
  • Teaches your child to work and play cooperatively with children from other backgrounds and neighborhoods
  • Provides age-appropriate activities to reinforce learning at school and fosters a love of learning

Heart House Dallas meets these indicators, and continuously strives for improvement.

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